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Centers designed for the practice of professional activities in different fields which facilitates the insertion of students into the job market

Serving the general community, the Integrated Healthcare Center (Nami) serves as a great place to work as an intern and is a rich environment for research conducted by the students of the Health Sciences Center as well as the Psychology course. Healthcare services are provided to the local community by students under the supervision and guidance of professors. The Center is a reference for the Northeast of Brazil, and has received certification in different areas of healthcare.

Dental Clinic
The Integrated Dental Clinic is another space where theory is put into practice. One hundred dental offices are distributed in two clinics: one which is multi-disciplinary, with 64 dental offices, and another which is integrated, with 36 offices, as well as an advanced surgical center, where everything functions within the University campus and services are provided free of charge to the community.

If the practice of healthcare services has its own unique space, other fields also have theirs. The Legal Practice Office (EPJ) for example, offers not only legal council to the local community, but is also the perfect internship environment for Law students. Students are also provided with a complete Law Office and laboratory as well as a space reserved for the construction of citizenship and civic values.

Junior Companies
Students studying Tourism and Hotel Management, Psychology, International Business and Administration have the opportunity to learn and experience the marketplace with Junior Companies. In these companies, students receive clients, learn management skills and have real life contact with the marketplace. The professors are always monitoring and advising the students in all the activities.

07-nic-and-tv-uniforNic and TV Unifor
Communication and new media occupy two academic practice environments: the Integrated Communication Center (Nic) and TV Unifor. The Nic is comprised of Production Stations for Radio, TV, Photography, a Multi-Media Center, an Advertising Agency and a Journalism Laboratory. In the works since 2005 and with cable TV broadcasting to the entire State, TV Unifor is a capacity building space for students who actively participate in the production of the programs.

How can we not mention technology structures in a time when technology innovation is the name of the game? The Applied Information Technology Center (Nati) is a space reserved for the research and development of innovative technology with the participation of students as well as an environment for professional development and training. The students develop research and skills by actively taking part in real life projects.

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