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The University of Fortaleza, with the help of the Edson Queiroz Foundation, encourages different projects and action developed in society which have received national recognition and awards


The best private higher learning institution of the North and Northeast of Brazil, a reference in teaching and research for the entire country, is also widely recognized for its social responsibility projects. The University of Fortaleza, maintained by the Edson Queiroz Foundation, takes pride in being a responsible institution since 1971, for its educational, social and cultural development in the State of Ceará in the Northeast region.

This action is recognized not only for the positive outcome achieved but also because of the various awards received. Examples of such honors is the Professional Education Center, which offers professional vocational courses for both youth and adults of needy communities, the Active Citizenship Program which raises awareness of legal rights and concepts of citizenship in different neighborhoods of Fortaleza.

Students and professors participate in the projects which have recently received national awards. Students from different courses also take part in the Education and Health in the Discovery of Learning Project, which offers daily free classes to children, adolescents and adults which are held in the health institutes where they receive treatment. Up and running since 2000, the Project has inspired plenty of action and has received many tributes and honors.

The University´s commitment with environmental responsibility and sustainability is reflected in the certification granted from Ibama (Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Natural Renewable Resources), which considers Unifor´s campus an area for the release of wild animals. In its 720 thousand m² of surface area, Unifor keeps extensive green areas well preserved.

There are many other social responsibility projects that the Edson Queiroz Foundation, through the University of Fortaleza, maintains and supports in the fields of education, health, arts and culture, sports, environmental responsibility and professional training. Perhaps what is more important than the awards received is the real meaning of this action that is being developed as well as providing the means to improve the quality of life of our society.

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