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Academic Information

Grading System

At Unifor, each student’s academic performance will be expressed in grades, according to the following scale:

The grade scale: 0 – 10
10 - Excellent
9 - Very Good
8 - Good / Average
7 – 4 - Below average / Insufficient
Under 4 – Fail

To be approved, the student's average should be at least 8,0. At Unifor, the students' average is measured by the sum of Partial Grade 1 (NP1) and Partial Grade 2 (NP2) divided per two.

If the student does not reach an overall average of 8,0 it is required to take the Final Test (NF).

*Final Test (NF)
Grade scale: 0 - 10
Below 4 - Fail

Course Offerings

Foreign exchange students are free to choose most of the courses, regardless of their study fields after consultation with academic advisors at home university. Course availability is subject to its demand. Therefore, the International Office cannot guarantee a spot in the student preferred course. Student must choose and state his preferences in the application form.

The list of courses UNIFOR offers in Portuguese, organized by study field, can be found here.

Unifor also offers a couple of courses taught in English (PDF COURSES IN ENGLISH). Most of them, so far, are located in the Business field. They may vary from semester to semester. (Please contact International Office for an updated list).

The student should attend a minimum of 12 credits and a maximum of 24 credits per semester. International students may choose a mix of courses taught in Portuguese and English. They can also attend Portuguese courses as a Foreign Language I and II along the semester.

Course Credit (Unit): “crédito”
Lecture hours per Credit: 1 “crédito” = 18 hours/class
Number of Credits per Course: It varies, but usually courses tend to be 4 to 6 credits.

Orientation Sessions

UNIFOR offers welcome and orientation sessions for the new international students. The sessions cover themes such as the University´s online system, student and library cards, public transportation and safety tips, among others. They usually take place 2 to 4 days prior to the beginning of classes. Students and Partner University are informed the exact date by e-mail.

Academic Calendar / Application Deadlines

First Semester: (Early February - Late June) - Application Deadline: December15*

Second Semester: (Early August – Early December) - Application Deadline: May 31*

* Exceptions may apply. Please contact International Office at Este endereço de e-mail está protegido contra spambots. Você deve habilitar o JavaScript para visualizá-lo. for a detailed academic calendar.

The University´s full academic calendar can be found, in Portuguese, here.

Accommodation and Living

Housing: Unfortunately, UNIFOR does not have housing on campus. However, it is offered to the student a list of apartments to rent. (Please Contact International Office for an updated list).

Estimated cost of living: Students usually spend from R$ 1.500 to R$ 2.000 per month.

Buddy Program

Arriving in a new country can be exciting, but new international students at the Unifor often have a lot of questions and concerns during their first weeks on campus. The International Office organizes the Buddy Program as a service for exchange students. Buddies are students at Unifor who volunteer to introduce you to the Brazilian way of life and help you adapt. If you would like to participate, there is a section on your application form dedicated to the program. It’s such an enriching opportunity and it’s only a few steps away.

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