From Ceará to the world


From the heart of the Northeast, exporting minds all over the world

Studying at Unifor is like to opening doors to the world. Located in the city of Fortaleza, strategically positioned with non-stop flights to Europe, the United States and connections to the rest of Latin America, the university is a breeding ground for unparalleled international experiences. Your global journey starts here.



Undergraduate courses

Ranked among the best universities in Brazil, Unifor stands out internationally for the level of excellence in the courses provided. The university provides solid training with disciplines taught in both Spanish and English. With the possibility of earning a Double International Diploma, our students extend their global academic connections, uniting talent and innovation.


Technological Undergraduate Courses

With agile and modern methodology, Unifor has 5 technological undergrad courses, guaranteeing students with high standard of excellence education, helping students to further diversify their curriculum.


Academic excellence in line with market practices

Leading to transform, this is the philosophy of Unifor´s Graduate Program, with the purpose of positively impacting society by proposing solutions to real problems. Unifor was inspired by major internationally renowned institutions to devise a new concept of education, aimed at training leaders who transform by offering more than 100 courses between specializations and MBAs.

The special highlight is on account of the masters and doctorate programs spearheaded by renowned professors who lead by setting an example, in order to stimulate creative thinking and providing technical qualification of excellence, which helps to prepare students for the professional challenges they will encounter in life.


A space where knowledge flourishes naturally

With a vast green area of ​​490,000 m² that gives the campus a distinct microclimate, Unifor stands out for its advanced infrastructure: a library with a rich collection, a cultural space that has achieved national reputation and multifunctional laboratories, designed to enrich and intensify the academic experiences of our students.



Unifor offers opportunities for the entire world to become your classroom

More than Private, we are A Global University

Unifor offers opportunities for the entire world to become your classroom


Academic Administration

Lenise Queiroz Rocha

Manoela Queiroz Bacelar

Randal Martins Pompeu

Vice-President of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies
Maria Clara Cavalcante Bugarim

Vice-President of Research
José Milton de Sousa Filho

Vice-President of Administration
José Maria Gondim Felismino Junior

Marketing and Communication Director
Ana Leopoldina M Quezado Vargas Valle

Technology Director
José Eurico de Vasconcelos Filho

Planning Director
Marcelo Nogueira Magalhães

Vice-President of Extension and University Community
Adriana Helena Santos Moreira da Silva


Informações para contato

Center for International Strategies

  • E-mail de contato: nei@unifor.br
  • E-mail de contato: international@unifor.br
  • Fone de contato: +55 85 3477-3834
  • Endereço de contato: 1st floor of the President´s Office